Bespoke Lampshades

Bespoke Lampshades

Our unique gift to you is a lampshade that brightens up not only your room but your day.

We have a range of sizes, materials, inners and cords for you to choose from.


How does it work?

Email us and we can work together to design, make and deliver your stunning bespoke lampshade to you.

We ask you to email us at with 3 things:

A MATERIAL of your choosing.

A LINING of your choosing.

A SIZE of your choosing.



Source your own fabric. We all love different patterns and colours, so you can choose exactly what you want.  We only ask that it is NOT a upholstery fabric.  We will advise you on how much fabric you will need for the size of shade you have chosen.

Alternatively email us and we can provide you with well-established haberdashery to pick from thousands of materials to satisfy the look you desire.



We have a large range of linings to help to create that bespoke look you desire.  From Matt Grey, to Brushed Copper or Neon or Doublesided, lots of variations to choose from.



 25CM Diameter X 21CM 

30CM Diameter X 21CM

40CM Diameter X 25CM 

50CM Diameter X 25CM 

60CM Diameter X 25CM

70CM Diameter X 25CM 

The height of the shade can be altered so if a extra tall shade is your dream shade we can create it for you.


Get in touch

We ask you to email us at with your decisions or if you want expert interior designer assistance.

We will give you a quote within the day.


Please Note 

Due to high demand, and the fact that we are perfectionists, we ask you to understand that from the agreement of final design it can take 7-10 working days for your bespoke lampshade to be made and sent.